Cassida Counterfeit Detectors

Counterfeit Detectors 

The ultimate authentication machine
Simple counterfeiting has become available to anyone with access to a color photocopier. More professional counterfeits are crafted so exact that they are not distinguishable from genuine bills without the help of advanced equipment. The only reliable method of protecting yourself from fraud is to equip yourself with a professional counterfeit detection device.

The Cassida uses powerful IR detection technology, making it one of the most reliable detectors in the industry.  A bill’s IR image is transmitted to the built-in monitor enabling you to visually determine if a bill is counterfeit at a glance.

UV and watermark
The Cassida allows you to check for the watermark and ultraviolet fluorescent marks present on all U.S. dollar bills as well as on checks, credit cards, ID cards, passports and other valuable documents. Just place the document in question under the illumination slot and a distinguished pattern, invisible to a naked eye, will be instantly revealed.

Counterfeiters have kept abreast of technological advancements and are increasingly able to counterfeit UV marks. The Cassida 2200 lets you verify the more difficult to duplicate magnetic marks present on paper currency.

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